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Hi I’m Kajsa and welcome to my blog “Mental Health Naps”! On this blog I am writing about my story, sharing how I struggle from mental illness and how I am living the life that I want to live! Talking about mental illness doesn’t have to be gloomy. I believe that it is possible to talk about it in a funny and uplifting way.

The titles of each blog post is a word that I feel defines the experience or the lesson that I learned through my struggles. Plus, what can I say, they add flavor to anyone’s personal dictionary!

I am very passionate about mental health and showing that life doesn’t end with mental illness. If anything, it can be seen as a super power as it unlocks potential that without your mental illness, you would have never learned that about yourself.

However, one must to brave to embrace it and not give in. Mental illness is something that can be put to rest!

Mental health is so important for living life to the fullest, but it requires sacrifices. Sometimes that is time and sanity. Other times it is people who aren’t helping the situation. It takes strength to put all of it behind you and focus on YOU. Put your worries aside and plug along the best that you can.

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